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Our fundamental puropose is to generate your groth through the use of technology

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Development/ implementation based on your needs

Tailor-made development

Whether it is a mobile application a web system, we are ready to provide ypu with the best tools developed for you.

Websites- eCommerce

We simplify the process of creating your corporate website, in addition to boosting your sales with the implementation of a digital commercer with online payments.

Integration and improvements

Whether you have software you want to improve or you want to increase the scope of your systems, we integrate what you have with what you need


About us

Passion for what we do lo que hacemos

We are a group of professionals acting as one to help you take your next step in the transformation and growth of your company. We have a passion for technology and its practical application, allow us to get to know each other and transform your company.


Nuestros proyectos recientes & some past projects

We believe that the best reward and feedback from our customers and strategic partners is their satisfaction and the usefulness of the tools we provide them.


Raul Campbell
ePizarron Learning Manager

"From the beginning, Manuel and his team have provided us with first class advice and service. They have always delivered on time and responsibly. Also, during the post-delivery process, he has continued to solve any doubts we may have had. Highly recommended."

Melissa Rodríguez
General Manager of Workea

"From the first time I contacted Manuel he inspired me confidence, he clarified many of my doubts and even helped me with some ideas for my project, he is very kind and always attentive to his clients, Manuel and his team at Startup Engine are very competent and responsible people!"

Luis Chumpitaz
Jefe de Transformación Digital en Anddes

"Empresa con fortaleza de cumplimiento dentro del presupuesto establecido con un cordial trato a los clientes."

Dulio Sánchez
General Manager at Riesgos Críticos

STARTUP ENGINE is a very interesting company for us, doing business with them allowed us to confidently develop an important online project. They listened and understood our business plan perfectly and provided us with ideas, feedback and efficient support based on their experience, from there the project took shape and flew. The result of the development commissioned to STARTUP ENGINE has been better than expected. Thank you very much!

Ángela Beramendi
Head of Digital Transformation at Anddes

"It is a company with strength of performance within budget with a cordial treatment of customers."

Miguel Peralta
Technical and Operator Manager at GlobalComex

"We have been working with Manuel for years and now through Startup Engine. He has developed a system based on our needs, which is constantly evolving with the improvements we require and his team propose how to solve. We are happy with the service provided and the attention he gives us. Totally recommended."


What our customers say

We pride ourselves on providing a quality service that is 100% focused on satisfying our customers' needs and solving their problems.


Our Team Of Experts

We will use all our experience to offer you the most suitable solution for your requirements:

Manuel Sotelo

Manuel Sotelo

CEO & Project Manager
"Since I was a child I have always been interested in technology and as an adult I made it my profession and my hobby. I have 10 years of experience in software development as a programmer and systems analyst. For the last 5 years I have been carrying out the role of Project Manager in different projects of different sizes and industries, applying agile methodologies and in some cases traditional methodology. I have a degree in Business and Systems Engineering and a degree in Telecommunications. I have also taught programming and operating systems for 2 years".
Cuento con una carrera de Ingeniería empresarial y de sistemas y una carrera de Telecomunicaciones. He sido además docente de programación y sistemas operativos por 2 años."
Ervin López

Ervin López

Software Engineer
"My name is Ervin and since I was a child I have been interested in knowing how things work, as well as admiring and being curious about computers. A teacher by profession, I swapped the chair for the computer; and for more than 10 years now I have been dedicated to Information Technology. I have been part of large projects in the companies I have worked for, I have developed from accounting systems to bank balance control applications. I am fascinated by new technologies and innovation, I love challenges and support in simplifying and streamlining processes".

Juan José Mejía

Mobile Developer
"Systems Engineer graduated from the National University of Engineering. Ability to work in interdisciplinary teams. Communication at all levels. Committed and passionate about my work. Enthusiastic about the world of technology and how it can lead to improvements in society. Focused on achievement and experience working in agile environments. I have 3 years of experience in software development and design for different sectors such as banking, health and telecommunications".

Marita Chacón

Trainer Coordinator
"Computer and Systems Engineer, Mg Sc. Business Administration, Professional able to work in a team and under pressure, demonstrating, skill, innovative criteria and responsibility in the functions in charge. With more than 15 years of experience in Software Engineering, with strong analytical skills and a wide range of knowledge in Business Process Reengineering Project Management, Continuous Process Improvement, Process Integration and Organisational Change, ability to evaluate current and future technologies, planning criteria to support both short and long term IT initiatives. University lecturer with more than 9 years of experience".
Jorge López

Jorge López

Project Manager
"Hello! my name is Jorge, I am a person who loves good reading and technology, I like to think that as humans we always find a solution to every problem or need we have, and the use of technology is a fundamental pillar that has simplified our lives by leaps and bounds. I have 7 years of experience in software development, with experience in the banking and telecommunications area, I have developed as a programmer, analyst and software designer using agile methodologies. Graduated in Industrial Engineering and Information Systems Engineering".

Soemig López

Business Developer
"Hello, my name is Soemig! I have a degree in social communication. Since I was young I've always loved innovation, arts, technology, marketing and social media. I also like to share my experiences with other people, and talk about any topic. That's why I decided to study social communication and combine all these technical fields to shape my career. I have 7 years of experience where I have developed in different fields such as TV production, broadcasting, digital marketing and sales".

Víctor Queirolo

Digital Marketing & Design
"Hi, I'm Victor! And I have more than 8 years in the world of design and throughout my career I have carried out various projects in which I have designed and developed strategies for visual communication in the graphic arts such as corporate elements, outdoor advertising, branding, web design, applications, advertising campaigns and others that complement this wide world as is the graphic design and advertising. It would be a pleasure for me to help the graphic and visual strengthening of your company".


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